A Day as a Fisherman

We are in Bangkok but we are not, there won't be department stores or high rise condos. Let's all go to the outskirts of Bangkok where the canals meet with the Gulf of Thailand. Spend a day as a fisherman who farms cockles and shrimps for a living and take in the breeze on our ride into the community and take a deep breath of fresh ocean air.

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  • Experience Thai railway, take a truck-taxi, and join us on the long-tailed boat. We'll make crafts and get muddy to pick cockles. Even take a boat ride out to the Gulf and learn about the sunken village then eat some amazing homecooked meal.

    When we think of the seaside, we might think of Pattaya but we never get to know the actual residents who live by the sea. We are heading into the Bang Khun Thian district to the south of central Bangkok. We're still in the City of Angels but this is the part where all things slow down and "what's the catch of the day" becomes more important than what your favorite celebrity ate last night. 

    We'll visit a local school called Khlong Pittayalongkorn for our first workshop of the day. After a short train and truck taxi ride, we arrive at the school to learn how to make our own tie dye handkerchiefs with organic and natural dye. Led by our local teacher and apprentice friends, each one of us will take away a unique piece of art as souvenir.

    After our short activity, Uncle Sorn, our host for the day will be waiting for us at the pier with his friend's boat. He'll be leading us into his home nested in one of the many tributaries that breaks out of the Bang Khun Thian canal. He lives in the San Taw community where families focus on farming small seafood and sometimes rely on travelers who visit as additional income. We'll be here for the rest of the day for lunch, cockle picking, and kayaking. The meal is served home-cooked style by his family, expect very generous servings of fresh seafood and stomach warming Tom Yum soup.

    Games can be played after lunch in the cockle pond! We can drop in waist deep into the muddy water and pick some cockles for Uncle Sorn and see how much we find. There are also a couple of kayaks we can row to explore the houses in the canal. 

    This trip supports Uncle Sorn's family and helps keep the spirit of agro-tourism strong in his community. Local Alike supports the teachers and their apprentices who help host our workshops. Remember to hashtag #LocalAlike!

    Trip at a glance

    • Take local transportation to Bangkok's closest point to the Gulf
    • Enjoy the sea breeze on a short tour to the sea
    • Pick sea cockles in the organic farm or take a kayak out to paddle in the canal
    • Meet Uncle Sorn, our local host
    • Enjoy a seafood feast cooked by his family
    • Learn a new Thai craft: make "Look Choop" dessert or make your own "Tie Dye" scarf
    • Understand the importance of planting mangroves in the area

    Useful facts

    • A delicious home cooked meal (Seafood)
    • Refreshing drinks and snacks
    • Activities as listed in itinerary
    • House owner as your local guide
    • Transfer from listed pick up and drop off point
    • Local transportation including train, “Song-Taew” truck-taxi and fisherman boat
    • Translation staff from Local Alike
    • Local Alike Guidebook
    • Travel insurance by Bangkok Insurance with coverage up to 500,000 THB
    • Personal shopping stipend
    • Repeat of any activities
    • Additional meals
    • Please arrive at the meeting point slightly earlier than 9:00 am
    • Travelers are also free to leave after 4:30 pm at their convenience with their own transportation
    • The guideline itinerary can be subject to change due to weather, accessibility, local happenings, traveler fitness and/or other unpredictable events
    • Local Alike will try our best with the locals to plan suitable replacements if itinerary is changed
    • Please bring extra change of clothes and towel in case you want to swim and pick the cockles, wear anti-slip footwear, and come with an open heart
    Meet Pin, our field expert.
    Pin is Local Alike's Chief Explorer responsible for scouting, curating, and designing all of our day tours in Bangkok. She's a world traveler who spent years residing in Brazil and Japan. Pin speaks Thai, English, and Japanese.

    Pick-up and drop-off point

    Wongwianyai BTS Station

    Take Green line towards Wongwianyai
  • Guideline Itinerary

    Day 1

    9:00 AM

    Meeting Point

    Local Alike staff will be waiting at Exit 1 of Wongwianyai BTS Station. Look for our Trip Explorers in our signature salmon colored tee.
    9:40 AM

    Taking the Local Train

    Take a local train of State Railway of Thailand from Wongwianyai Station to Bangborn Station
    10:00 AM

    Taxi Truck "Song Taew" Ride

    We arrive at the Bangborn station to get on an open-air taxi truck that will take us into Khlong Pittayalongkorn School.
    10:45 AM

    Tie and Dye Workshop Using Natural Mangrove

    A local teacher from Khlong Pittayalongkorn School will be teaching us the traditional process of dying scarves using the "Taboon" fruit from a species of mangrove.
    11:15 AM

    Exploring the Mangrove Forest

    We wil be led through the school's mangrove stroll and learn about the importance of growing mangroves in the area.
    11:45 AM

    Out to the Sea

    We take a short walk to the pier across the school and hop on a long-tailed boat that will take us on a cruise to the Gulf of Thailand. There are lots of interesting stories along the way to the sea border of Bangkok and Samutsakorn.
    12:30 AM

    Arrive at Uncle Sorn's House

    We take the same boat and arrive at the San Taw Community where Uncle Sorn, our host, resides. His wife and family will be preparing us lunch with local seafood. There's even a fruit platter that they always prepare! Yum!
    1:30 PM

    Cockle Picking and Kayaking

    After lunch, you can either choose to get adventurous and soak yourself in the cockle pond to hand-pick some live cockles. Or you can take one of Uncle Sorn's kayak out for a ride in the canal surrounded by mangrove trees.
    3:15 PM

    Feedback, Conversations, and Farewell

    Once everyone has had their fun and cleaned up, we gather together to speak with Uncle Sorn and say our farewells. We will leave on the boat and return to the train station with the "Song Taew" truck taxi.
    4:05 PM

    Concluding the trip

    If the train makes it on time, we should arrive at Wongwianyai BTS Station before 4:30 PM.

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