Social Impact

This is the core of everything we do. We are proving that tourism as a business can be a viable development tool for local villages. As a social enterprise, we measure where each baht goes and ensure that every traveler's contribution goes into improving the local livelihoods.

We are Change Makers, so are you.

Local Alikers are on the mission to enhance the livelihoods at local communities across Thailand and neighboring countries. By introducing them to community-based tourism, we bring out their best and surface them to the world through our website. On the other hand, we also build a free online solution for locals to use in managing their tourism business.

We care about our lasting impact.

Local Alike works with three types of communities, categorized by their readiness to run a tourism business. On our platform, there are destinations where locals have become experts in operating community-based tourism. And there are also young up-and-coming villages that are rich in natural resources and diverse in things to do. These rising stars are ready to welcome guests from around the world and we work with them in surfacing the village's best for you.

Each type of community requires a different approach in community development and we find a balance in our development work by focusing on communities that can onboard quickly onto our platform. However, most of our time is spent with the younger communities where our development work is most needed.

Level Characteristics Time to readiness Examples
Little Star The community has great things to offer for travelers. Their infrastructure is in great shape and the locals are excited to run their own tourism business. 7 to 12 months Suan Pa Village, Si Pan Rai Tea Plantation
Rising Star With great potential comes great opportunities. Working with guidance from the CBT-i, Local Alike shortlists a group of communities that are already offering great experiences for travelers. 3 to 6 months Mae Sa Long Homestay, Ja Bu See Village
Superstar These communities are renowned in the travel community and have since become seasoned pros in tourism. Local Alike's goal at these destinations is to help them achieve community development goals while introducing their expertise to our less experienced communities. 1 to 2 months Koh Yao Noi Island, Prom Lok Community, Mae Kam Pong Village

Our Methodology

We work closely with the Community-Based Tourism Institute of Thailand to establish a clear set of expectations and standards in our endeavors. The principles of our development work is backed by well-researched guidelines developed by the CBT-i. Local Alike only works with communities that have mutual understanding in what we do. In return, we make a responsible decision to manage their carrying capacity, ensuring that their livelihoods are undisturbed.

  • Conduct field inspection

    We select villages based on their readiness. Local Alike introduces a set of tourism standards to make sure each village is ready to welcome travelers.
  • Know the locals and set expectations

    We enter the village and create an active conversation. We understand their needs and agree on how tourism can help them reach their solutions.
  • Bring out their best and help them shine

    Local Alike takes responsibility in helping them come up with unique content used to promote their village. We work with locals to come up with a price then get it online.
  • Generate interest and soft launch

    We launch a pilot trip to introduce travelers to the village while going through the entire process with villagers. These trips help us iterate and make sure everything is ready.
  • Lift off onto online platform

    Once everything is good-to-go, we green light the village on our platform and it’s ready for all travelers to book. We start tracking our social impact starting here.

The Mighty Community Fund

Where does the money go?

For every baht (dollar) you spend, more than 75 satang (cents) goes back into local communities that you visit. That money goes into paying for their services as well as a contribution towards a community fund. This fund, setup by us with the locals, is used to achieve mutually agreed goals.

What is the fund for?

Ever since our inception one and a half years ago, we have focused heavily on development work at the communities we work with. Each village we work with her basic needs that has to be addressed. At Suan Pa, locals were faced with improper waste management which was partly due to the lack of education on the matter. The fund goes to solving social issues as such, we help educate locals and also find stakeholders who can help us implement realistic solutions.

Case Studies

Khlong Toei Fresh Market

The Thai public opinion on the Khlong Toei Fresh Market is mixed due to its associations with slum and mobs. Otherwise, this is a pleasant community hidden on the bustling Rama 4 road. Quaintly taking up a large block of the Narong Road and Rama 4 intersection, the market is filled with super fresh produce, interesting happenings, and lovely local stories waiting to be told.

Local Alike has partnered with and the Duang Prateep Foundation to crowdfund the initial development cost of turning the Khlong Toei Fresh Market into a safe, reliable, and offbeat attraction that can attract travellers who are looking for local Thai tours.

Causes we support

Community development Youth education Waste management

Goals this year

  • Create local community-based tourism leaders panel
  • Train market youngsters to become facilitators and local tour guides
  • Launch a travel itinerary and test trip to bring pilot travellers into the community
Thank You Wall

Corporate Donors

Individual Supporters

  • รัฐพล พงษ์นิล และ ครอบครัว
  • เอกฤทธ์ ปัทมสัตยาสนธิ
  • ธีระชาติ ก่อตระกูล
  • สมศักดิ์ บุญคำ
  • เตียรถ์สติ พฤกษ์สำเริง
  • กัลย์ โลหเจริญวนิช
  • เบญจนิษฐ์ ดัดงาม
  • Jiratthika Jaratsaengsuriya
  • ดร. สถิตย์ ลิ่มพงศ์พันธุ์
  • สุกัญญา สิทธิสกุลเกียรติ์
  • ภัทราพร แย้มละออ
  • กอปรทิพย์ อัจฉริยโสภณ
  • กรกมล เกตุทอง
  • พรชัย แซ่จึง
  • Paweena Attayadmawittaya
  • Pranaiya Oulapathorn
  • Purin Phanichphant

Suan Pa Village

Causes we support

Waste Management Youth education

One of our very first partner projects, Suan Pa was once a drug route that has since transformed into a drug-free tight knit community. This place is a hidden treasure nestled in the beautiful forest of Chiang Rai, Thailand. Surrounded by neighboring villages that are also home to various hill tribes, no other could match Suan Pa village is trails and waterfalls.

Suan Pa has been affected by trash flowing downstream from another village for the past few years. Often times, the waterfalls within the community becomes a carrier for unwanted trash that remains at Suan Pa Village, leaving unsanitary waste floating in the streams.

Local Alike worked with the Mae Fah Luang Foundation Under Royal Patronage and the local authorities at Suan Pa to create a clear process of waste management. We used the expertise of Mae Fah Luang Foundation at Doi Tung for guidance and successfully introduced the entire village to the importance of proper waste keeping. We requested the local disposal authorities to include Suan Pa in its weekly waste pickup route.

Goals this year

  • Find volunteers who are willing to collect trash on the pristine Suan Pa trekking trails
  • Host village seminars to continue educating the locals on the importance of proper waste management as well as teach locals how to treat and divide their waste
  • Create a waste exchange program with authorities to re-use and/or re-sell valuable waste that can be used to generate power

Hloyo Village

Causes we support

Infrastructure improvement Cultural preservation

Another one of our pioneer projects, Hloyo Village is home to very pristine and well-preserved Akha culture. The have a large collection of artifacts hosted in each home and they are proud to show them off. However, the village itself is prone to mudslides during rain and open areas are susceptible to the dangerous event.

Locals led by Khun Yohan suggested that the village make use of the community development fund generated by tourism income to build an open activity space in the middle of the village. The project was harder to tackle than we had thought since there was a need to build small walls, similar to check damns, on the border of the village in order to slow down and ultimately stop the mudslide from ruining the activity space.

We spent around 25,000 THB on the project with a kind contribution by Doctor Arne Sveinson and made the small walls using concrete bricks and cement.

Goals this year

  • Decide with local villagers about what they want to build in the center of the village
  • Recruit college volunteers from the city for the pavement building project
  • Set up waste management process based on the success case of Suan Pa village