Be Fisherman and Friends Alike

Koh Yao Noi Island Village, Phang-Nga

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  • Koh Yao Noi island is located in the south of Phang-nga Bay, surrounded many beautiful islands.It’s the perfect getaway for your special weekend.Let’s immerse in this little Muslim village and experience the real southern Thai hospitality which is one of the warmest and full of smiles.

    The positive vibe at this island is contagious. In 2002, Koh Yao Noi Island gained worldwide attention after receiving the World Legacy Award for Destination Stewardship from Conservation International and for its eco-friendly homestay programs after long history of struggling against illegal fishing practice by big industrial fishing boat that degrade the marine ecosystem .Finally they success in preservation.Fund from tourism also goes to support not only the members but also their local conservation project Nowaday, They are living under self-sufficiency philosophy by practice traditional small-scale sustainable fishing, grow rices, coconuts  and  rubber plantations.


    • Join your host and other fishermen for an early morning boat ride to the sea, test your luck and skills in fishing
    • Take ad hoc lessons from your fishermen friends about the ocean life in Thailand
    • Show off your cooking skills to the locals or let them teach your Thai savory seafood recipes
    • Find a hammock by the beach for an afternoon nap -- can’t get better than this
    • Explore the richness of  Koh Yaonoi’s natural resources and the local way of life.
    • Immerse yourself and learn more about life of the Muslims.

    Useful facts

    What’s Included?
    • Four total meals and beverages
    • Homestay accommodation with local host family (each room sleeps 5)
    • Basic activities fees
    • Local Guidebook by Local Alike
    • Transportation within the Koh Yao Noi Island
    • Accidental coverage insurance
    • Local community guide (English speaking)
    What’s excluded?
    • Pick-up and drop-off between piers
    • Pick-up and drop-off at Phuket bus terminal or airport to the pier.(Extra fee)
    Complete Amenities
    • cell service
    • mosquito net
    • electricity (220v)
    • comfy mattress
    • postal service
    • shared toilet
    Quick Notes
    • These are suggested activities within the community. The guideline itinerary can be subject to change or switch due to weather, access, local events, guests’ fitness and time management. Substitute indoor activities will be provided if the main outdoor activities cannot run properly
    • All additional activities are not included in the standard package price. Additional cost as listed below will be charged.
    • Travel insurance is compulsory in order to participate in a Local Alike trip, therefore we include it in our standard package.
    Travel Tips
    • Koh Yao Noi Island is a predominantly a Muslim community. In Thailand, many religions coexist together with no problems and rarely any conflicts arise. However, we wish that you respect the lifestyle here by keeping in mind the following tips:
      1. Alcohol is forbidden in the community
      2. Appropriate attire is expected (not showing too much skin)
      3. Don’t litter and keep the place clean
      4. Respect nature, don’t collect sea shells or corals
    • Community based tourism is highly flexible and these are merely suggested things to do. Talk to us and let us know how we can help you craft your once-in-a-lifetime experience at Koh Yao Noi.
    • Ask for permission when you are taking photographs. Don’t treat people here as exotic figures but get to know them and build lasting relationships.
    Meet Meet Bung Bao, our field expert.
    A forward thinker and committed leader
    Bung Bao is one of the community leaders who is tour guide and also village council, is very interested in community-based tourism (CBT). As a member of subdistrict Administrative Organization, Bung Bao sees the power of community-based tourism is more than just regular mass tourism. CBT is a responsible way to create sustainable economic opportunities that can help develop the community.

    Pick-up and drop-off point

    Additional pick up from

    Phuket bus station or Phuket international airport
  • Guideline Itinerary

    Day 1


    Depart for Koh Yao Noi Island

    Leave from Bang Rong Pier, Phuket by ferry. We suggest the 11:00 am departure time which will take you to Koh Yao Noi Island by noon. For a speedier option, there are speedboats that take half the time.

    Arrive at Koh Yao Noi Island

    Once you arrive at the Manoh Pier on Koh Yao Noi, we will arrange transfer service to the village.

    Welcoming at the Island

    Arrive at the island with a small greeting ceremony with your local host.

    Island Tour

    Explore the island and its local way of life. There are vast rubber plantations, tall coconut trees in the fields, and pristine beaches. Get deeper knowledge of how the people here co-exist with nature and make use of what’s readily available to improve their own livelihoods. Learn about the mangrove forest and its ecosystem.

    Home Cooked Dinner with Locals

    Gather at your homestay or a neighbor’s house for a delicious meal of home cooked seafood. Savor the spices and unique sauces that accompany fresh caught fishes, crab, and prawns.

    Night Market Stroll

    After dinner, take a walk to the local market to see the lively scene where light snacks are sold. Try the Thai roti patra followed by a cup of “cha-chuk” milk tea.

    Day 2


    Early Birds Get the Fishes

    There won’t be morning calls so set your alarm for the early catch. Join your local host and other fishermen out to the sea for the first catch of the day. Get your hands active because we’ll be throwing nets!

    Island Escape

    Take a detour to stop by a quiet beach on the island for a picnic. You can sunbathe or take a swim in the ocean… Actually, we suggest you do both. Spend sometime introspecting and reflect on your thoughts.

    Fishing Culture Observation

    If time permits, spend some time at the local fisheries if you’re curious about marine life and the seafood industry in Thailand. The locals knows best. ;)


    Leave behind lasting memories and feel inspired by the local Koh Yao Noi way of life. Exchange contacts and be sure to send back photographs and postcards. The friends who run the community based tourism program at Koh Yao Noi are all ears when it comes to feedback of your experience -- so let them know about your stay!

    Departing the Island

    We drop you off at the Manoh Pier at 4:30 pm, right before the last ferry departs.

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