Hill Top Camping in the Tea Plantation

Si Pan Rai Tea Plantation, Chiang Rai

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  • You will find here a kind of peace that is unlike anywhere else. You will sense the perseverance of the village and you will see the transformation they have gone through. This is a village of rebirth, of strength, and of opportunity.

    The forests surrounding Si Pan Rai village were once ravaged by deforestation. In 1994, however, the Doi Tung Development Project began replanting the forests in this area. Today, the previously barren mountains have transformed into a lush landscape. Later, the locals started to grow tea on this hill. This development project assisted locals in becoming more self-reliant and improved their quality of life. Thus, Si Pan Rai village has become a model for successful sustainable development.


    •  Tour the tea plantations, take your backpacks off and put on that tea basket!
    • Observe the end-to-end process of tea making
    • Enjoy the breathtaking view of the dawn over the horizon
    • Join the cultural dance performance led by your local friends
    • Chat with local elders to share stories and wisdom (language is not a barrier!)

    Useful facts

    What’s Included?
    •  Four total meals and beverages
    • Basic activities fees
    • Tent, Blanket and mattress ( 1-2 persons per tent)
    • Accidental coverage insurance
    • Local community guide
    What’s excluded?
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Repeat of certain activities
    • Admission fee into Doi Tung Development Project (depends on ticket packages you choose)
    • Pick-up/drop-off from Chiang Rai points of interests ( Refer to price list)
    Complete Amenities
    • cell service
    • tent
    • electricity (220v)
    • comfy mattress
    • shared toilet
    Quick Notes
    • These are suggested activities within the community. The guideline itinerary can be subject to change or switch due to weather, access, local events, guests’ fitness and time management. Substitute indoor activities will be provided if the main outdoor activities cannot run properly
    • All additional activities are not included in the standard package price. Additional cost as listed below will be charged.
    • Travel insurance is compulsory in order to participate in a Local Alike trip, therefore we include it in our standard package.
    Travel Tips
    • Si Pan Rai is a small community that is in the process of moving on from its past into a better future where youth and elders turn their beautiful home into a community based tourism village. We suggest that you follow the simple guidelines below:
      1. Appropriate attire is expected (not showing too much skin)
      2. Don’t litter and keep the place clean, even better if you can help pickup trash
      3. Respect nature, don’t collect things from the forest
    • Community based tourism is highly flexible and these are merely suggested things to do. Talk to us and let us know how we can help you craft your once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Si Pan Rai Tea Plantation.
    • Ask for permission when you are taking photographs. Don’t treat people here as exotic figures but get to know them and build lasting relationships.
    Meet Meet Uncle Noom and Uncle Giang, our field expert.
    Pioneering change in Si Pan Rai

    Uncle Noom and Uncle Giang, the 2 old friends shared their story regarding the Si-Pan Rai village development with us. Prior to the development of their village life was difficult as them and the people did not have any land to make a living on. Through the Doi Tung Development Project in 1996, they were allocated a plot of land. Uncle Noom quickly took advantage of this opportunity by planting tea. Their quality of life has greatly improved since then now that they has a stable occupation and income. We were a pioneer of the village who has started to do this, they said with happiness in his eyes and voice.

    Pick-up and drop-off point

    Additional pick up from

    Chiangrai point of interests ( Bus station, Airport, city)
  • Guideline Itinerary

    Day 1


    Depart from Chiang Rai

    We will pick you up with our private van from any major points of interests in Chiang Rai. It’s approximately two hours by car from the city to the Si Pan Rai Tea Plantation.

    Stopping by the Doi Tung Cottage Factory

    En route to Suan Pa, we will stop by the Doi Tung Factory. Run by Thailand’s foremost social enterprise and foundation, Mae Fah Luang Foundation, you will be introduced to the local weaving group, the ceramic factory, and coffee processing factory.

    Visit the Doi Tung Development Project (Additional)

    To know more about Doi Tung and Mae Fah Luang Foundation, you can choose this additional stop to visit the lush green garden of the project, or visit the beautiful Hall of Opium, and take a look at the Royal Villa -- the home of our late Princess Mother.

    Local Lunch

    We’ll stop by a local restaurant for a simple lunch. If time permits, we can visit our local friend Archai for his home cooked meal.

    Arriving the Tea Plantation

    Your local host will welcome you at the community center and brief you on the details of your trip. We’ll setup our tents for our overnight stay at the camping spot of your choice.


    Si Pan Rai Tea Plantation boasts one of the most spectacular views we have to offer.

    Overnight in the Million stars accommodation

    The weather is cool and the night is quiet. This is the best part of visiting Si Pan Rai, it’s all about this relaxing moment when you can look up the sky and see the endless boundaries of our universe from your tent. Take this unique opportunity to introspect and relax.

    Day 2


    Most Peaceful Wake-Up Call Ever

    We hope you enjoyed a peaceful and mindful night under the starry night. Be awaken by the birds singing and your neighbors preparing to begin their new day. Enjoy the sunrise and sip a hot cup of tea.

    The art of tea making

    When we’re ready, we’ll visit the processing plant of locally grown tea leaves. Aside from learning how to pick them from the fields, we get to observe the end-to-end process. If you enjoyed the tea here, you can purchase them at this factory


    Say goodbye and exchange ideas with your host family, the community, and the new friends you’ve made at the Si Pan Rai Tea Plantation.

    Head back to Chiang Rai city

    Leave Si Pan Rai Tea Plantation and return to Chiang Rai city to your next Thai adventure.

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