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Jabusee Village, Chiang Rai

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    Jabusee Village is a small village located at the heart of the valley of Doi Mae Salong about 700 meters above sea level. Surrounded by rich and beautiful nature with a breathtaking landscape, this village is home to Lahu hill tribes who are the first to migrate to this region. Jabusee Village was also known as Ja Ka Tor Village which named after the first leader of the community. Their ways of life are very unique and simple. They live their lives in a very self-sufficient way.


    • Learn how the locals harvest their crops
    • Trek along the hill with your host to forage for herbs and spices
    • Enter the original bamboo houses and learn all about this local architecture
    • Join a workshop for a hands-on experience on using resources around us to our benefits
    • Listen to the musical performance by locals -- even learn how to play a local instrument

    Useful facts

    What’s Included?
    • Four total meals and beverages
    • Homestay accommodation with local host family (each room sleeps 5)
    • Basic activities fees
    • Local Guidebook by Local Alike
    • Transportation in the community
    • Accidental coverage insurance
    • Local community guide (English speaking)
    What’s excluded?
    • Live traditional dance show by village youths
    • Pick-up and drop-off at Chiangmai point of interest. ( Refer to pricelist)
    Quick Notes
    • These are suggested activities within the community. The guideline itinerary can be subject to change or switch due to weather, access, local events, guests’ fitness and time management. Substitute indoor activities will be provided if the main outdoor activities cannot run properly
    • All additional activities are not included in the standard package price. Additional cost as listed below will be charged.
    • Travel insurance is compulsory in order to participate in a Local Alike trip, therefore we include it in our standard package.
    Travel Tips
    • Community based tourism is highly flexible and these are merely suggested things to do. Talk to us and let us know how we can help you craft your once-in-a-lifetime experience at Jabusee Village.
    • Ask for permission when you are taking photographs. Don’t treat people here as exotic figures but get to know them and build lasting relationships.
    Meet -, our field expert.

    Pick-up and drop-off point


  • Guideline Itinerary

    Day 1


    Picking Up

    We depart from Chiang Rai by private van. Get comfy during the ride and prepare for beautiful Jabusee Village.

    Arriving Jabusee

    Receive a warm welcome from the village’s headman, elders, and Jabusee’s community based tourism team. Get to know your new friends here while we prepare for lunch.

    Checking In and Taking a Tour

    Enter the room you booked and meet your host family. They have been waiting for you! Once you’re all settled down, they will take you around the village to explore the friendly community.

    The Local Ways of Life

    Included in the experience are a couple of workshops. From bamboo weaving lessons to a special Lahu cooking class. We’ve got you covered in completing your immersive Lahu experience.

    Home Cooked Dinner with your Hosts

    After a long activity filled day, gather around the dinner table to enjoy a cozy meal. This is a great atmosphere for exchanging stories.

    Welcome Ceremony

    A formal ceremony is prepared by the village elders for you. It’s called “Bai Si” in Thai and we wish that you can join and participate in this auspicious event.

    Day 2


    Rise Early and Go Trekking

    Enjoy a relaxing time at the Mae Gig waterfall and later trek through the trails of Jabusee’s community forest. It’s vast in resources and extremely beautiful, get to learn how locals sustain themselves by co-existing with this forest.


    Leave behind lasting memories and feel inspired by the local Jabusee way of life. Exchange contacts and be sure to send back photographs and postcards. The friends who run the community based tourism program at Jabusee Village are all ears when it comes to feedback of your experience -- so let them know about your stay!

    Return to Chiang Rai

    We leave Jabusee by our private van and head back to wherever you’re headed next.

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